Alocasia Zebrina


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With large, uniquely shaped leaves, Alocasia 'Zebrina' is an evergreen, ornamental houseplant that makes a unique addition to your home. The glossy, green foliage is arrow headed and heart-shaped, and this is an indoor plant that's sure to get a lot of attention.
Quick and easy to grow, Zebrina has a distinctive, striped stem with markings that look like a zebra's stripes, hence its name.
This unique, one-of-a-kind foliage plant originates from the tropics of Asia, and prefers a shady area so when growing it in your home, give it plenty of light and water but not direct sunlight -position it by a bright window.
Not only spectacular to look at, leafy tropical houseplants also provide a beneficial air-cleaning service. In a 20-year study by NASA, it was found that houseplants can actually improve the environment in our homes, clearing the air, removing toxins and adding valuable oxygen to the air that we breathe.
Supplied as an established plant in a 17cm nursery pot, Alocasia Zebrina will grow to a height of about 1m.


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