All Year Round DeLuxe 14 Ingredient Wild Bird Food


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It's always good to give the wild birds a helping hand in the cold winter months and it's a joy to bring a wide range of birds into the garden, so with some help from our experts, we've created a premium, deluxe mix of bird food that will do just that!Containing a tailored blend of 12 seeds, raisins and suet pellets for energy, it is designed to cater for a wide range of birds, yet not cause unwanted seed germination and mess if not eaten up. With a range of smaller seeds for smaller beaked birds, larger seeds for larger beaked birds, as well as raisins and suet, there really is something for everyone (well, bird!) within this single bag.
What's more, every single ingredient has been specifically chosen because of its nutritional benefit to the bird – whether it be from protein, oils, fats or carbohydrates, this mix contains EVERYTHING the birds need to fill themselves with energy over the winter and throughout the year.This mix includes sunflower hearts, which are a great energy source for all birds, as well as naked oats for soft-beaked ground feeding blackbirds and thrushes; protein rich millets, energy rich sunflower seeds; red dari which is popular with larger jays and doves; as well as oil rich canary seed perfect for smaller birds.For extra choice, we also include raisins for energy, and 3 flavours of suet pellets for carbohydrates on the coldest of nights – although this mix can be fed all year round, especially in nesting and feeding seasons.Designed to be table or floor feed, as well as in plastic feeders, this mix has no cheap cereal fillers, which often germinate causing a weedy mess next spring. This mix will attract a whole host of birds to your garden, including finches, sparrows, tits blackbirds, thrushes, dunnocks, woodpeckers, pheasants and jays to name but a few…


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