Variegated Fig ‘Panache’ 9cm


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This fig certainly has Panache! A genuinely striped Fig, often called Tiger Fig, it grows and fruits well here in the UK too, especially in warmer Summers – now that is different. Grow like all Figs in a sunny, well-drained spot, perhaps best in a pot against a sunny, South facing wall, critically with root restriction, so keep in a smaller pot than you may think. ‘Panache’ is self-fertile, and will produce late season fruits in late August, or September. Cropping is improved by groiwng in a conservatory or greenhosiue in Sumemr, as it is a late matirer, and this gets bigger and mroe relibale crops. Delicious eaten fresh, when it’s juicy red, very sweet flesh contrasts with the variegated yellows, strped with lime green skin. Most unusual.


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