Tree Hydrangea Pink Annabelle 14cm pot


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Called Hydrangea ‘Invincibelle’ in the US, ‘Pink Annabelle’ is an entirely different kind of hydrangea shrub – the Tree Hydrangea. They have much bigger and bolder, longer-lasting and more complex flowers than more common kinds. She is the cousin of our best-selling ‘Incrediball’, and has a lovely strawberry pink huge flowers to 30cm across, each one made up of thousands of petals with a blend of subtle pink shades, giving a delightful overall effect. This is an entirely different species and variety than the traditional pink and blue plants you are probably more familiar with. The stems are incredibly strong to enable the support for these amazing huge flowers, and they are tolerant of rain and wind hence the name. Displays will be all Summer long whatever the weather and will produce flowers to up to 30cm or 12 inches in diameter. They can be cut and used as dried flowers too – this will preserve the natural colouration, or spray them gold or silver for spectacular Christmas decorations. Grow them in large pots, or in mid-border, where they will reach 1-1.2M tall in 3-5 years. For real Summer impact in your garden, the Tree Hydrangea ‘Pink Annabelle” is a winner.


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