Trailing Petunia ‘Double Cascade’ mix 24 plug


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The gorgeous double ruffle flowered Petunia Cascade mix has beautiful, almost carnation-like flowers, in a soft pastel mix of blues, pinks, whites and shades in between. Raised from seed, these offer a better value solution than their cutting raised Tumbelina equivalents at almost half the cost, yet they perform very nearly as well too. Great massed together in large pots, or planters, or even on top of hanging baskets, they will gently trail over the edge, bearing their flowers from June until the first frosts of Autumn. Grow in full sun, feed and water well in July & August, they need some dead-heading to prolong displays. Petunia Cascade mix really is a great value Summer good-doer, and one for the short list for easy gardening.


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