The Amazing Wheelbarrow Booster!!


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The all new Wheelbarrow Booster is an innovative, British designed, new must-have accessory for the gardener/landscaper/equestrian. Having been used and trialled over 15 years by the designer/inventor – himself a landscaper of over 25 years, the ‘Barrow Booster is one of the few pieces of equipment that can be claimed to ‘pay for itself’ with the time it saves the user. It is for ANYONE who regularly has to wheel more than one barrow-load to the dump in any single gardening session. Even if you only usually make a couple of trips. Why would you want to wheel the barrow twice, when you can do it one go with a Booster!! Designed to fit most gardeners wheelbarrows, to carry light-weight but bulky waste; grass/hedge trimmings, leaves, prunings, cleared vegetation, hay shavings etc. this device is a must. It will boost the stated capacity of your barrow by as much as 300% – THREE times as much! Which means you save two trips out of three at a stroke! Once filled, wheel the load to its destination, raise the device up and away from the barrow, then tip the contents in the normal fashion. After which, simply refit the ‘Booster ready to be filled once again. When its not in use, it can be neatly stored away. Once youve started using your new Wheelbarrow Booster, you’ll wonder just how you ever managed without one! Made from UV stabilised reinforced material for long life.


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