Strawberry ‘Albion’ runner – pack x 10


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We all have a traditional view of strawberries in June, in time for Wimbledon! Now, we can change that – new Everbearer types produce fruit over a much longer period, starting in mid June, but going on all Summer and flushing again in Seoptember well into October. At least 16 weeks of fruit! And ‘Albion’ is one of the highest yielding varieties available. Runners are the most cost-effective way of planting. Not a thing of beauty, they are very easy. Strawberries love a sunny spot with well drained, fertile soil. Work plenty of garden compost or well rotted manure into the ground, then space runners 45cm apart with 1m between rows. Alternatively raise them in pots, special towers or plant six runners in a growing bag. Water plants regularly, especially during hot, sunny weather and feed once a week when flowers appear, using a fertiliser thats high in potash.


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