Set of 3 Pre-filled bird feeders – seed, peanuts & fatballs


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Turn your garden into a paradise, filled with the happy songs of blackbirds, robins, tits and thrushes! This brilliant starter kit is everything you need to start attracting birds and caring for them in your garden. Our feathered friends bring a whole variety of benefits – controlling pests such as insects, and it’s a joy to see them making a home in your garden too.! What’s more, you’ll help to protect some of our most-loved and threatened wild birds, with the absolute minimum of expense and effort! This set comes complete with 3 different feeders and food types, so you can attract all sorts of different birds, right from the moment you receive them: – Seed feeder pre-filled with mixed bird seed – Peanut feeder pre-filled with peanuts – Fatball feeder pre-filled with 4 fatballs


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