Set of 12 Dianthus chinensis ‘Geisha Girl’ Plants plugs


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New and unique Dianthus Geisha Girl Stunning firework-like displays, sweet fragrance the perfect patio plant! Looking like it’s come straight out of the Chelsea Flower Show, Dianthus Geisha Girl is sure to be one of the most sought after new plants this year! Sitting proudly on top of sturdy, greygreen stems their striking, elegantly fringed petals literally dance in the wind waving their delicate petals like the arms and legs of a dancer. As they move, each flower will fill your garden with their exquisite sweet perfume. A glorious colour blend of brilliant white, coral pink and lilac these delightful Dianthus will carry on flowering right through from early summer into early autumn. Adding a striking and contemporary twist to any border or patio pot. Order yours now and be the first in your neighbourhood to enjoy this amazing little show stopper!


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