Roots Boost 60g sachet


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Root Boost is the ultimate tree and bush planting aid, containing eighteen natural species of endo and ectomycorrhiza fungi which live on or near the roots, providing increased nutrient and water uptake through the roots. Root Boost also contains microbes for a healthier plant, supressing soil borne diseases. Bio stimulants such as Seaweed also help plants survive in stressful situations such as poor environmental conditions and poor soils. Roots Boost will give gardeners: Increased root growth and plant vigour Greater plant survivability after planting – especially with bare root Healthier plants from soon after planting More Efficient use of nutrients and fertiliser in soils and growing media Increased ability to survive in drought or infrequent watering Improved long term plant health. Can be used on majority of plant types (excluding brassicas, orchids and some acid loving plants), with either potted or bare root plants at planting. Each Roost Boost 60g pack treats 4 or 5 shrubs or rose bushes or 3 of our fruit trees. Simply apply once only at planting or transplanting, ensuring the Roots Boost granules are in close contact with plant roots to get the best and quickest effect. The fungi will colonise the soil near the roots, and live happily ever after in synergy with your new plants.


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