Repeat flowering Clematis Collection – 3 varieties


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These wonderful Clematis plants will flower from as early as this summer, then repeat flower all the way into autumn once fully established! They will flower profusely, with each flower reaching up to 15cm (6′) across! Each of the varieties included are all proven winners in UK gardens. They are perfect for training up arches, trellises, sheds, walls or pergolas, and will reach around 4-5m (12-14t) tall at maturity, or prune annualy to keep to 2M or below. Selected for their garden performance and flower power, they are all very easy to grow and completely UK winter hardy. Ideal in large pots or garden soil. Varieties included: Madame Julia Correvon Deep claret ruby red flowers, each with a yellow centre. Vyvyan Pennell Light lilac mauve petals, with an extra double ruffled row in it’s centre for a semi-double look. Slightly more compact at 3M. Guernsey Cream Lovely soft classic crewm, almost green tinged, with lovely contrasting yellow centre.


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