Prunus incisa Kojo-no-Mai (Fuji Cherry Tree) in 2L pot


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Also known as the Fuji Cherry, this gorgeous, compact tree will burst into flower before the leaves appear in late winter / early spring each year. They start as red buds which appear to almost dance around the branches, but then open to reveal beautiful pale-pink flowers, each with a red centre. Perfect for small garden or growing in a pot on your patio, Kojo-No-Mai even provides autumn interest when its green leaves turn from green to bright reddish / orange before falling. The statuesque form of the tree is also a joy to observe on frosty mornings when a haw-frost shows it off to its very best. Kojo-No-Mai is fully winter hardy whatever the weather and grows to just 3ft after 10 years if left un-pruned, but will be happy to receive a regular trim during early summer after flowering has finished.


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