Premium Longiflorum Lily ‘World Trade’ -5 bulbs size 14/16


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We all know and love the pure white and fragrance of Longiflorum Lilies (Trumpet Lilies), but now through years of plant breeding, we can offer you the same breath-taking look and scent, but in a compact form for pots and borders. The new variety is called ‘World Trade’ (an awful name we know, but we did not choose it!), and is only just on offer to the public this season. Naturally compact at 40-50cm tall only, each bulb will produce 1-3 flowers this season in June, and 3-5 year after year once established, as it is totally hardy and easy to look after. Best planted all 5 in one big pot for knockout looks and fragrance, use a 30cm diameter pot, and space equally in the pot, planting with the top of the bulb about 15cm below the surface. They can start shooting early, but this is not a problem. Very easy to grow indeed, requiring no maintenance other than watering and feeding when in growth, why not bring some scent to your garden with the new Pot Longiflorum Lily ‘World Trade’.


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