Pineberry ‘Natural Albino’ (R) palnts – pack of 6 in 9cm pots


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The Pineberry burst on to the scene about 4 years ago, the small but intensely flavoured fruits available in just a few upmarket supermarkets. Initial varieties were not self-fertile, and small fruit. But such was the demand for the fruit, plant breders have made rapid steps to improve yield, and fruit size, without sacrificing the intense flavour – often described as a strong pinepapple aftertaste, hence it’s name. The result is ‘Natural Albino’, available for the first time to amateur gardeners in limitted quantities in Spring 2015. Grow exactly liike strawberry runners, the fruit are borne in June, and best eaten fresh form the plants, especially when warm, as the flavour is at it’s best when the aromatics are warm. Delicious on their own, or in fruit salads, or as a stunning contrast to savoury hams. The fruit are white, with red pips, and are smaller than typical strawberries, but laregr than alpine types. Will crop for 5 years or so.


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