Perennial Dodecatheon meadia (Shooting Stars) 9cm – pack x3


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‘Shooting Star’ is one of the most desirable perennials to grow in a shady spot, making a large clump of slender leaves that are topped with 30cm stems holding achingly-beautiful pink flowers with swept back petals between March and April – the flowers even pack a fruity perfume that will infuse the air on a still, warm day. Closely related to bedding primulas, this a choice plant for growing in light or even full shade, as long as the soil is fairly moist (but not soaking wet) try planting it in borders, rock gardens or under trees and shrubs. A tough plants that heralds from North America, it will die back to ground level in summer but will remerge every spring. Note – this product dies back underground from August, but will shoot away again next March.


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