Patriotic Petunia Plant Collection red/white/blue – 18 plugs


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Celebrate the very ‘Best of British’ with this patriotic display of beautiful trailing petunia ‘Surfinia’! ‘Surfinia’ has been the top summer flowering trailing petunia for over a decade now, such is its ability to produce an unending display of incredible colour from April until October! It has been bred and developed to produce the biggest, best and longest display of any variety and its trumpet-shaped flowers even have a gorgeous, sweet fragrance. On top of that, it is also vigorous and low maintenance, disease resistant and also very weather resistant. It is because of all of these positive attributes you see it planted in so many professional displays! Plant ‘Surfinia’ Petunias in any hanging basket or container with enough height for it to trail (its trails can reach over 90cm (3ft) long!) or even in beds and borders where it will provide a colourful summer ground cover, smothering any weeds that try to grow. If you would like a truly impressive display next year with a torrent of flowers cascading from your hanging baskets, pick ‘Surfinia’ Trailing Petunia! Varieties Included: ‘Surfinia’ Red ‘Surfinia’ Blue ‘Surfinia’ White


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