Patio Cherry ‘Garden Bing’ bare root


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Have you ever wanted to grow juicy cherries in your garden, but just don’t have the space? Well now you can – with our perfect for patios Cherry ‘Garden Bing’ tree. Cherry ‘Garden Bing’ was specially bred by Zaiger family in America – probably the World’s largest fruit tree breeders. The commercial variety ‘Bing’ Is one of the staples of the fresh cherry industry, and through breeding work they have created a very dwarf variety, still with the taste and yield of it’s parents. The beauty of ‘Garden Bing’ is it’s petite size – after 5 years or so it will still be about 1M tall.. They produce a very well-branched tree structure, so bear a lot of sweet cherries that are easy to pick and enjoy. And on top of this, you get an absolutely amazing Spring Blossom display too – a cloud of pure white flowers in April. These are self-fertile, so will pollnate each other, and produce deep red fruit to pick in August. The perfect Fresh Cherries fresh in your garden – much easier than you think.


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