Pair of Boulevard Patio Clematis plants 2L pot 50cm tripod – red & white


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Blooming Brilliant! ‘Boulevard Patio Clematis’… Compact ‘flower-towers’ lasting 6 months each year. It’s incredible but true… these compact beauties really will produce a torrent of bright, star-shapes blooms continuously for 6 months – every year! Bred and developed by world renowned Raymond Evison, this pair of stunning ‘Boulevard’ beauties will captivate all summer long with their large, impactful blooms and repeat-flowering habit. They have been bred for their compact growing habit and precocious flowering nature so you can create a massive colour impact from a very limited space. They are perfect for growing in in small spaces, in pots and containers, so are ideal for modern gardens where space may be limited. This pair contains one each of ‘Rebecca’ , a lovely burgundy red, and one of ‘Aneta’, which is pure snow white With displays lasting for up to 6 months – May until October – they will liven any terraced garden, patio, balcony or conservatory. They will never get out of hand, growing to just 4ft tall when mature, and only require a minimum of annual maintenance – PLUS they are totally winter hardy too! Each supplied as a 50cm cane tripod in 2L pot. These are simply fantastic value for money – order yours today!


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