Original Stretch Hose 50ft


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Introducing The Ultimate Expanding ‘Stretch Hose’ It Trebles In Length Without Twists, Kinks Or Tangles! Very strong, incredibly compact but amazingly lightweight – the revolutionary ‘Stretch Hose’ expands to a massive 3x its length when in use, delivering a high volume of water wherever you need it! Best of all it is super lightweight so can be used by anyone and WILL NEVER twist, kink or tangle itself! Using it couldn’t be simpler – Turn on your tap and watch as the ‘Stretch Hose’ rapidly expands. The ‘Double-Wall’ Construction of the hose confidently delivers the water to the high quality Spray Gun, (included at no extra cost with each hose you buy!) which has 8 different settings so you can be certain of delivering the water just how you want to – jet your gutters or gently misting young seedlings in your greenhouse – simply select the setting you want and rotate the head of the Spray Gun accordingly! When you are finished using your ‘Stretch Hose’, release the water pressure and watch as it miraculously tidily returns back to its original size so you can store it away quickly, easily and conveniently in the minimum of space – it really is pure genius! No more need for a bulky hose reel – it can be stored under your sink it is so compact!! For your ultimate convenience, as well as the high quality Spray Gun, a complete set of tap and hose connectors are included with every ‘Stretch Hose’ – so within minutes of getting it home, you can start using it! This incredible product has been developed by experts and is Patent Protected. It is made from a super-flexible latex hose inner, covered by incredibly durable woven web outer. All parts are very high quality, made to last years and are fully guaranteed – so you can buy with complete confidence!


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