New Kitchen Garden Herb collection – 12 plugs


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Now you too can grow your very own herb garden, and pick fresh garden herbs to transform your cooking! Nothing beats the intense aromatic flavour of fresh herbs, and you wont get much fresher than picking them from your own patio just seconds before you use them! We’ve included 5 versatile and flavoursome herbs that will give you bunch after bunch, packed full of delicious flavour. This collection is perfect for growing in hanging baskets, and can also be grown in pots, patio containers or raised borders. The plugs are ready to plant now (we’d recommend you grow them on for a few weeks before planting into baskets) and youll be able to pick your herbs from as early as this summer. They are really easy to grow, and require little care other than occasional pruning (i.e. picking your herbs!) and can even be grown on a windowsill! Included in this collection: Thyme. A classic herb that will add richness to a number of dishes! Coriander. Spice up curries and rice dishes with intensely fragrant leaves. Parsley. Incredibly versatile add depth of flavour to lots of dishes including couscous and stews. Rosemary. Creates intense fragrance the perfect herb to accompany lamb, garlic or Italian cooking. Garden Mint. Why not add this to a big jug of Pimms and relax on your patio this summer! Sweet Leaf or Stevia. A herb with a delicious flavour 40 x sweeter than sugar but without the calories!


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