McDermott’s Finest Fertiliser 750g tub


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This new, exclusive product represents the very best of commercial plant food technology and is based on over 25 years of Peters hands on experience in horticulture. It contains all of the important nutrients that are essential to look after shoots, roots and flowering and fruit yield for bigger crops and floral displays. McDermott’s Finest Fertiliser is the only plant food you will need this year for all your crops, and is the equivalent of your total multi-vitamin plus a healthy diet for your plants, all wrapped up in a single product! 750g resealable tub with measuring scoop. Makes up to 150 gallons of feed to apply in spring, summer & autumn. It contains all of the important plant nutrients that are essential for that perfect look and professional results: Nitrogen (18%) for the Shoots This will ensure that your plants will remain lush green and healthy looking.Phosphorous (18%) for the Roots Ensures that the root system of your plants will be large and healthy and that the structure of plants is strong and capable of supporting the bumper crops of flowers and/or fruits the plants will carry.High Potash (Potassium) (18%) for the Fruits & Flowers This will ensure fantastic long-lasting, large and colourful flowering displays as well as bumper crops of fruit. The blend of 7 additional micronutrients provide a complete balance and replace nutrients that should be in soil and compost, but which are often not present in the correct balance therefore many common plant health issues will be completely prevented. Also Includes a special naturally occurring organic plant stimulant called Humic Acid that is a proven plant tonic encouraging even healthier natural growth, which has been found to improve overall plant health, disease resistance and vigour. All in all, McDermott’s Finest Fertiliser for Flowers & Fruits is the only and plant food you will need in your garden this year and is the equivalent of your total multi-vitamin plus a healthy diet for your plants, all wrapped up in a single product! It’s so easy to apply – just mix the water soluble granules at the recommended rate (1 x 5g scoop per 4.5 litres (1 gallon) of water) and water on to the soil or compost on a weekly basis during spring, summer and autumn.


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