Ligustrum delavayanum (Privet Laurel) topiary standard tree 1M tall


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Ligustrum, or Privet Laurel, is the absolute gold standard in topiary and standard form trees and shrubs. The exceptionally small and tight growing leaves create a dense network of stems, making for easy cutting and shaping. Ligustrum in fact form the basis of the most exotic and stunning topiary creations, yet also make wonderful standards, lollipops and globes too, as a better alternative to Box (Buxus). Very forgiving of all weatehrs, they may lose and odd leaf in codest Winters, but recover quickly in Spring. Trim regularly in growing season, or allow them to grow a little and they wil produce sweet scented cream flowers, followed by berries. Perfect in pairs aside doorways, gates and paths, or allow them to grow and get creative and make your own shapes too. Note – images shown are of grown on plants – those supplied have a head diameter of about 30cm, and total height inc. pot of 1M


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