Hollybush collection – 3 vars x 1L


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Holly berries have been the staple decoration and image of Christmas for many years, decking halls the World over for genrations. They also make fantastic evergreen shrubs for year round interest in smalelr gardensw too – providing shelter, security and privacy as well as their prolific berries. Hollies have male and female varieites on separate plants – and pollination by bees is required for the females to produce their berries.This collection provides you the best of all worlds – a male and female, each with stunning foliage variegation in their own right, and the main self-fetile green variety that produces prolific berry crops. Each collection contains one each of: ‘JC van Tol’ – deep green leaves, self-fertile, with big crops of berries ‘Golden King’ – actually a female form, berries with lovely golden yellow leaf edge variegations ‘Silver Queen’ – oddly a male form, it has lovely white leaf variegation, but like all males, does not berry up


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