Hawaiian Flower Magic 120ml Concentrated Flower Fertiliser


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Flower Magic promotes more flowers, bigger flowers, more colour, and a significantly longer blooming period on any type of indoor or outdoor plant. Flower Magic is quickly absorbable and available to the roots or leaves of any plant. This means a faster intake of nutrients by flowers, plants, herbs, fruits and garden vegetables. It is not filled with salts, dyes, chlorines or other impurities that typically burn flowers, leaves, roots, or seedlings. Promotes more flowers, bigger flowers, more colour, and significantly longer blooming periods; foliar concentrate allows for 3-5 times faster nutrient intake; good for all indoor, outdoor, perennials, annuals, vegetables and fruits, and lawns; not filled with any salts or impurities that burn the leaves and flowers. Perfect as a foliar feed, you can easily dilute it and apply through a florists sprayer, boosting the flowering of indoor houseplants, patio plants and anything needing an instant lift


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