Hardy Devon Pinks collection – pack of 12


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Classically fragrant Pinks are a cottage garden favourite and deservedly so. These varieties represent the best of the varieties that have stood the test of time for many years, and become gardeners favourites the World over – with that irresistible old-fashioned fragrance it’s not hard to see why. Their wonderful clove-fragranced blooms look lovely in the garden, and will flower throughout the summer months but will also be perfect for taking as cut flowers for indoor displays. The plants will form lovely dense clumps of evergreen foliage that will provide great ground cover with a succession of beautiful fragrant blooms rising up above the rosette of leaves and showing themselves off. Perfectly winter hardy but ideal for a sunny bed or border, these easy to grow plants will establish and thrive for years to come. Flowers from May until October, cut them for the vase just as the buds break colour, for long-lasting fragrance indoors too! Varieties Included are 3 plants each of old fashioned types: Grans Favourite -Pink with deep pink rings, Doris – Pale pink, Devon Cream – Cream, Mrs Simkins – White


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