Handy Camel Bag Clip – Green


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If it’s in a bag and needs shifting – the Handy Camel can help! Get a very firm grip on heavy and cumbersome bags and make lighter work of shifting them from A to B and pouring their contents efficiently! The ingenious Handy Camel Bag Clip conveniently and firmly clamps around virtually any bag, providing a comfortable carrying handle so you can pick it up easily and safely. The moulded ‘Jaws’ clamp around the top of virtually any bag and hold incredibly securely – what is even better is that once applied, it reliably seals the bag preventing spillages as well as keeping unwanted attraction from pests, insects or even greedy pets! Use it for pet food, pet litter, bird seed, compost, fertiliser and garden bark, sand, cement or other building materials – the list is almost endless! As well as a carry handle, it can be repositioned to make pouring the contents quickly and easily without the need to strain yourself as you do it… Carry things with ease and comfort Eliminate spillages and prevent mess and waste Store things securely and airtight Pour contents easily and with control Rated for bags weighing up to 20kg (approx. 44lbs) Rugged high density plastic construction Its oversized handle easily fits a gloved hand 13½’W x 5¼’H x 1¾’D Made in USA and guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years


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