Grape Vine ‘Boskoop Glory’ (Red) 1.8M tall


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It’s True! You Can Grow Up To 30lbs Of Deliciously Sweet, Juicy Grapes Fresh From Your Own Grapevine – Right Here In The UK!! Plenty to fill your fruit bowl for weeks, these delicious, juicy grapes will be bursting with flavour and healthy goodness when you harvest them each September. Simply irresistible! Imagine starting your day with a delicious, refreshing, health-packed glass of grape juice or a handful of fresh, sweet grapes picked straight from your own vine sprinkled on your cereal! Simply Gorgeous! Prolific fruiting, incredibly winter hardy and very easy to grow. Decorative as well as bountiful, either will look wonderful when trained over a pergola and will provide natural summer shade. ‘Boskoop Glory’ os one pf the hardiest and toughest red grapes for cropping well in the UK climate, and being a good dual purpose vine for eating and juicing or wine-making. Perfect in a pot on your patio or in the ground, these top quality vines will reward you with your very own delicious, sweet, juicy grapes for over 100 years or more!


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