Genuine Vintage Dutch Storage Crate


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Own your own little piece of growing history with these genuine vintage Dutch bulb crates. Perfect for storing freshly picked apples or pears picked from the tree – and a million and one other ideas! Each crate is exclusive & completely unique they are over 30 years old and have been used to store bulbs for years. Dutch bulbs have been stored in these traditional crates for decades in the area southwest of Amsterdam, where most of the bulbs are grown. With solid wood construction with a metal mesh base (essential for allowing air to circulate around the bulbs, to stop them rotting off), they are built to last for years. Theyre perfect for storing produce that needs to be aerated, or can be used to tidy up your shed or greenhouse theyre great for storing pots, seeds & tools. Because they are stackable, theyll save you loads of space! You can also use them to grow herbs or other shallow root plants. Each one is stencilled with the original growers name, and is unique. A perfect gift with a great story.


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