Flanders Poppy seeds (pack of 2000)


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Flanders Poppies, their heads gently bobbing in Summer cornfields, have become synonymous with Remembrance and as a symbol of generations of fallen heroes in wars and conflicts over many years. In 2014, it is the Centenary of the Start of The Great War in 1914, and as part of the National Campaign to get Britain’s gardens and fields ablaze with red poppies this Summer, which will self-seed and continue to flower for the next few years over the Cententary events from start to end of World War One. A simple, easy and poignant way to remember previous generations who fought for our freedom in your own personal way. To help Military Charities, we will donate 50p for every packet sold, to support their marvellous work still helping families now. Sow your Flanders Poppies with Pride in 2014 – and pause a while when they are in flower . . . .


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