Fieldhaus Premium Professional Secateur (2712)


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When Peter and I saw these in Germany we were blown away by the shear power their revolutionary handle design produced. Having been brought up using Felco as the only brand proper gardeners used, we had to change our mind. Then in front of us, we compared the new Power Bar Secateurs with some worn in Felco Number 2s. We could easily cut 3cm diameter branches quickly and with much less effort than the Felco, thanks to the unique Patented Power Bar design, which delivers the power of each cut along the straight line of the green Power bar, rather than at an angle like conventional designs. So unique is this design, and so much does it reduce the effort needed to prune, and thus how long You can keep doing it, that it is a Patented process. We are hooked for life now, and wouldnt use anything else! Perfect for pruning roses, shrubs and trees, these premium, professional-quality secateurs are the garden tool that no gardener can be without! Manufactured to the highest standards, the non-stick coating on the upper blade prevents the build-up of sap and resin which normally causes sticking and snagging between the upper and lower blades of uncoated shears. The result is that these secateurs require much less cleaning and maintenance than those with polished steel blades. German Innovation in Design and Engineering and at an extraordinary price and exclusive in the UK to So confident are we, we offer a complete 5 Year Warranty on these secateurs.


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