Exotic Canna tubers – pack of 5 Tall Mix


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Cannas are one of those exotic beauties that do so much for the bright, zingy Summer garden, Their fiery hot colours of yellow, orange and red, and combinations of these, will erupt in beds and borders, adding great height and impact too. Each pack of 5 is a mix of colours, and also a mix of the green-leaves and lovely purple-leaved types, selected from taller flowering cultivars, so all will flower at 1M or more. Renowned for their tall flower spikes, grow them in large pots, or at the back of borders, in hot, sunny spots, in well-drained spots. Feed well when in growth – they will not start growing much until may, they grow away quickly as summer warms. They will over-Winter if they do not get too wet, and will benefit form a mulch – or the tubers can be dug up and stored cool over-Winter for use next year.


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