Evergreen Hardy Fern Collection x 3


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Hardy ferns are a hidden gem of the gardening world, and should be grown much more widely. They suffer from perceptions they either take over like Bracken, or need wet spots to grow in – some do, but most don’t. This specially selected trio of ferns are really special though – they are both hardy, and evergreen, so stand out as some of the best to grow, as most die back underground each Winter. They will reward you with year round foliage interest, and are perfect together as a small fernery 9in the broader or in a large pot), or in mixed planters, or cool, deep, moist soils. This collection includes one each of: Asplenium tricomanes (Maidenhair Spleenwort) – thin ribbony fronds, compact and easy to look after, prefers cool dry shade – great in nooks and crevices of walls. To 20cm height & spread, Asplenium scolopendrium (Harts Tongue Fern) – whorls of long tongue like green leaves stick up proudly 30-40cm or more, increasing in clump size over many years. Sun or shade, wet or dry. Cyrtomium (Holly Fern) – tough clump-forming fern, whose leaves are supposed to resemble holly, thrives on dappled or deep shade, to 40cm tall.


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