Digitalis (Foxglove) Camelot mixed coll x 6


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Foxgloves hold a special attraction to many of us, who remember them growing wildy in woods, in huge drifts in days gone by. Now thanks to plant breeder’s work, new colours are available, and their wild instincts have been tamed for the garden with the new true F1 Camelot series – a World first. Retaining their iconic chocolate-spotted throats and insides of the bell-shaped flowers, Camelot colours include purples, pinks, lavenders, whites and creams, topping out at 1.2M, so giving real impact. Reliably flowering in their first and subsequent seasons, you will get a quick reward from these plants. Magnets for bees when in full flower, their long-lasting flower spikes will light up gardens in June and July, giving them a wild and naturalistic feel all of their own. They thrive in full sun, or their native shade of woods, and are very easy indeed. Let Foxgloves bring the natural woodland look to your garden.


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