Delosperma Jewels of Desert Collection x 10


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We are delighted to offer you a real breeding breakthrough – the gorgeous series of Delosperma Jewel of the Desert Hardy Ice Plants. The result of 15 years breeding by a Japanese enthusiast, these little Jewels sparkle all Summer long – but are both incredibly drought tolerant. and yet Hardy too! Most people probably have not heard of Delopsperma, but they are close relations of other trailing succulent types like commonly known Mesembryanthemum, and the borderline hardy Lampranthus often seen on dry stone walls in Cornwall and the South West. The new Jewel of the Desert series all have a distinctive white ring around the centre of their profuse flowers, giving them a completely new look too, sitting tight into their foliage. Although quite small, the flowers smother the established plants all Summer long. They love being baked warm and dry in our Summer sun, and conversely hate wet feet in Winter. Therefore we suggest growing in pots, in well-drained soil with added grit and sand. They will spread to cover the pots, and trail down over the side. Or they work well in very dry banks and stone wall crevices, as this new series are totally hardy too, and as part of traditional alpine gardens. Try something different this season for low maintenance colour, with our Hardy Delosperma Jewel of the Desert colours collection of 10 plants.


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