Complete Patio Potato Growing Kit Including Seed Potatoes, P


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This Complete Patio Potato Growing Kit means that anyone can now grow delicious, fresh potatoes you dont even need a garden a patio, balcony or courtyard will do! Just add compost and water and you will harvesting your first New potatoes as early as May from a March planting. We have included 3 fantastic varieties to give a range of harvest dates. ‘Swift’ (Early) – as it’s name implies, this is a very fast-cropper, reaching harvest in 8-9 weeks from planting in April. Gorgeous, soft new potatoes are produced in abundance. ‘Charlotte’ (Salad), perfect as a new potato, or use in salads, yet keeps well for boiling too. ‘Desiree’ (Maincrop) – the classic red skinned, yellow fleshed potato that has been a garden winner for decades. Great for boiling or mashing, but we love them best as jacket potatoes, with a lovely crispy skin. Update -please note, varieties may change as season progresses. This is the perfect way to grow your own potatoes whats even better is it requires no back breaking digging whatsoever! The Heavy Duty 30 Litre Pots can be used again and again and the Organic Potato Fertiliser can be used all around your vegetable garden.


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