Complete Hardy Garden Perennial Plant collection – 24 plug plants


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Transform Your Garden – Grow These Garden-Ready Hardy Perennials For 6 Months Of Spectacular Colour Every Year! These incredibly colourful, strong-growing perennials will transform your garden from this year. Providing a wonderful display of showy colour and long-lasting structure throughout summer and until late October, they will look great AND attract beneficial insects including butterflies, ladybirds and honey bees, perfect for fruit and veg gardeners where pollination is so important. Supplied as plugs, they are big enough to plant straight out Spring, Summer or Autumn and will establish and get better year after year. If planting together in a border, we suggest you plant 60cm or 2ft apart), which they will fill after their second season. Main varieties Included (but not guaranteed): Achillea Summer Pastels, Delphinium Pacific Giants Mixed, Digitalis (Foxglove) Camelot Mix, Hollyhocks, Echinacea, Gaillardia Arizona Sun, Geum Mrs Bradshaw, Kniphofia Flamenco, Lobelia Queen Victoria, Lupin Gallery Mix, Verberma bonariensis, Leucanthemum Snow Lady. Note: Due to this prodict being available all year, in some weeks we reserve the right to substitute some varieites in the specific collection shown here.


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