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This Essential Garden Protection Kit will provide all round control for weeds, bugs and fungus in your garden. Whether you are suffering with weeds on your pathways and borders, or bugs and mildew attacking your plants, this kit is the essential solution which you will have always to hand ready to use. Universal Bug Killer – Ready to use 1 litre size A handy and ready to use insect killer that will control greenfly, blackfly, mealy bug, red spider mite, and soft scale insects. Reclaim your fruit, vegetable and flower crops from pesky pests that inevitably occur. Use all around the garden on fruit, vegetables, and all plants and trees. Has a rapid action on contact with insects for quick knock down. As there are no harmful residues left, the Universal Bug Killer is safe to use near children and pets. 1L spraygun, ready to use. Contains natural fatty acids. Always read the label before use. Systemic Fungus Control – Ready to use 1 litre size A convenient and useful fungicide, which controls most commonly occurring rusts, mildews and rose blackspot, which can cause significant reductions in crops, flowers and plant health if untreated. If diseases are found, simply pull the trigger and squirt them, knowing the job is done. The rapid acting formulation will ensure problems are eradicated quickly. 1L spraygun, ready to use. Contains 0.06g/L myclobutanil. Always read the label before use. Glyphosate Weedkiller – Ready to use 1 litre size To really get to the root of the problem, and stop perennial weeds coming back, you need to kills the unseen roots too, and not just burn off the leaves. Glyphosate is the proven chemical of choice the World over, for broad spectrum weed control. Once applied through the east-to-use spray gun, with simple trigger applicatrion, the glyphosate is slowly absorbed by the weed, and moves systemically through the plant down to the roots, as the weed feeds and grows. It works best when it is warm and dry (apply when no rain is forecast for 24 hours), and when the weeds are groiwng fastest. You will not see much for a few days, but after a week, the tell-tale yellowing off occurs, and within 2 weeks a complete kill. Fantastic for controlling annual and perennial grass weeds, bittercress, buttercups, nettles, and any small seedling weeds smaller than 5cm across.


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