Climbing Petunia Tidal Wave mix 24 plugs


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These brilliant new Petunias are vigorous and will spread up to about 90cm (3ft), making them ideal for groundcover in larger areas of garden borders. Or you could grow them against netting or trellises for fabulous height upwards too a bit like the climbing Fuchsia Lady Boothby. Either way, this will mean you get the fabulous flower power of Petunias, but something a bit different too! They are very rain and weatherproof, and will produce their beautiful displays all summer long whatever the British summer throws at them! They are very easy to grow and look incredible perfect for beginners who want professional-looking displays in all settings – borders, tubs or baskets, you will be rewarded by masse sof long season colour. With this brilliant mixed collection, you will a mix of the 3 shades – Petunia Tidal Wave Silver, Petunia Tidal Wave Hot Pink, and Petunia Tidal Wave Purple.


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