Climbing Antik Geranium Collection x 9 Jumbo Plug Plants


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Antik Geraniums are unique because they grow taller than any other variety in existence! They are so vigorous they are often referred to as The Climbing Geranium, reaching around 1.2m (4ft) tall in a single season. Plant them 3 of one colour in a 25-30cm diameter pot and watch them grow! They can be over-Wintered in a frost free conservatory, porch or garage too, and will reach 1.5M or so in subsequent years. Each collection contains 3 large rooted plugs of: Antik Orange – Deep orange to red flowers Antik Pink – bright pink a little more compact than the others Antik Violet – vibrant neon purple, the most vigorous of all. Very unusual and often not found in garden centres because they do not suit the small pots they so often sell, as they out-grow them quickly. The will look great as part of your patio displays as they will add ultimate height, but planted amidst a bed or border display they will make a really unique focal point.


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