Christmas Cyclamen 13cm – 3 plants in flower in mix of colou


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The perfect gift for someone special this Christmas! Cyclamen are a traditional Christmas decoration and its little wonder why these fantastic houseplants will brighten up your home throughout the festive period and beyond! Youll get 3 established plants 1 rich-red, 1 deep-mauve, and 1 in a soft shade (pink/white) in 13cm pots, ready to display. Theyll arrive to you nursery fresh, already in flower and covered in buds, and will give you up to 14 flowers per plant at any one time, right through the next 6-8 weeks! Perfect for a windowsill or table decoration, Cyclamen are even better, and easier to grow than Poinsettia simply keep them at a stable temperature, water them from below and pluck out flowers once they fade, and youll reap the rewards with a beautiful show of flowers. Perfect as a gift and much longer lasting than a bouquet from a florist, you could give them all this Christmas or even keep one for yourself! .


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