Chocolate Tree – Albizia Evey’s Pride 1M tall


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If you’re watching the calories here’s a guilt-free chocolatey treat! Boasting an irresistible combination of dark burgundy chcolate coloured, finely dissected foliage and feathery cream and purple flowers in mid to late summer, the Chocolate Tree is a plant that will really get tongues wagging. And this new selection called ‘Evey’s Pride’ is brand new and only intriduced this year, and is even more suitable to the UK climate. It is more cold-tolerant and hardier in Winter, and is more free branching and has more profuse and darker pink flowers than previous varities. This deciduous tree or large shrub, can easily be kept to a more compact height in smaller gardens by occasional pruning. Perfect in patio pots, beds, borders, grown as an eye-catching free-standing specimen or even displayed in a cool conservatory, this stunning variety of Cocolate Persian Silk Tree is also very tough, easily coping with winter temperatures down to -8C. TOP TIP – for the best leaf colour, grow in full sun, as it’s almost like a sun-tan!!


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