Butterfly & Bee Booster Seed Carpet 2M x 48cm


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Introducing the perfect way to give butterflies and bees a helping hand in your garden whatever size, as well as having a gorgeous natural wildflower meadow too. You can grow a Mini Meadow as part of your lawn, a bit of garden border or even in pots, and help those beneficial insects which pollinate so much in our gardens. Containing a huge mix of annuals and perennials in over 20 species, all contained in a biodegradable paper seed carpet, with the seeds pre-spaced for optimum growth. Includes such favorites as Corncockle, Vetch, Candytuft, Toadflax, Primrose, Field Poppy and Forgte-me-Not. Working with one of the UK’s leadings eed technology companies and seed suppliers, these mats are made for us without any fancy packaging to sell off the shelf, so we can keep our prices down. You get a huge 2M x 48cm carpet, which can be cut to shape as needed. Simply place directly onto dug soil, and cover wit a small amount of soil or compsot. Water and seeds witll germinate and establish, as the paper carpet degrades leaving you a flower meadow inside 18 Months.


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