‘Bubbleberry’ (R) collection x 10 runners


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The Bubbleberry™, named after the taste of sweet bubblegum, is the strawberry with the strongest flavour and most mouth-watering aroma in the world. The colour of the Bubbleberry™ is, exactly as you would expect of this sweet bubblegum-tasting strawberry – gum-coloured! In fact, it’s so incredibly aromatic and just to smell a ripe fruit will transport you back to childhood sweet shop visits, BUT, the fruits actually provide one of your essential ‘5 A Day’ healthy foods! Botanically known as Fragaria moschata, it has a couple of common names too – ‘musk strawberries’ or ‘hautboy strawberries’ and are in fact far from new. They were a very special treat in the 18th and 19th centuries and are in fact referred to in Jane Austen’s Emma, when Mrs Elton raves while strawberry-picking, stating that the ‘hautboy is infinitely superior – no comparison – the others hardly eatable.’ So by eating these you are taking a trip back in time in more than one way! However, as with many once-popular fruits, the berries drifted from public consciousness, though they are still known to grow wild in certain forests in central Europe and are easily grown in gardens. They will crop successively throughout the summer months and you should ideally grow yours in a container on the patio where you can enjoy them as they develop and pick the fruits easily and just when they are at their very best… Although the fruits are very slightly smaller than some other varieties, they really do pack a massive punch in the flavour department – just a handful of these fruits will transform a summer fruit salad. Only available for the first time to home gardeners this year, get yours now whilst the limited stock lasts!


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