Bio Pond Clear ULTRA Treatment Kit for Medium Ponds (25,000L


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Create A Crystal Clear Pond In Just 2 Weeks with NEW Improved Formula BIO POND CLEAR ULTRA! Eliminates Green Scum, Algae PLUS Blanket Weed too all year long! Yes! With NEW Improved Bio Pond Clear Ultra youll see incredible results in as little as 2 weeks the water will turn crystal clear, your pond and garden will look more attractive and your fish will be happier and healthier … and all with no chemicals involved! Bio Pond Clear Ultras unique formula contains special fast-acting, environment friendly, naturally occurring microbes that eliminate both the nitrates and nitrites on which unsightly green algae, scum and blanket weed thrive. The microbes digest the resulting, decaying organic material to clean up your pond fast! And thats not all … With literally billions of microbes in each pack, Bio Pond Clear Ultra ensures your pond maintains a perfect balance for months on end, sometimes years, creating a better environment for fish and other pond life, too. Whether you have a filter or not, Bio Pond Clear Ultra works equally well and is perfect for priming new ponds and new filters. And, because Bio Pond Clear Ultra is a non-chemical solution, its harmless to your plants, pets and wildlife. FREE NITRATE / NITRITE TESTING KIT WORTH 2.75 To test the water in your pond both before and after we will send you your easy-to use Nitrate and Nitrite Test Kit.


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