Begonia ‘Big/Whopper Mix’ x 12 jumbo plugs


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This is the latest offering from Benary who have beed breeding top begonias for over 100 years and it’s big in every way! Big develops into jumbo sized plants with flowers held in clusters on arching stems – it’s so vigorous that you’ll need far less plants to produce a fantastic display in your garden. Plant them as feature plants in your borders and baskets or in large patio pots – you won’t have to wait long for the king size rose and red flowers to appear and they just keep on coming right through to autumn. The lovely glossy leaves which range from bright green to dusky bronze just add to the appeal of this fantastic plant. Begonia Big is not fussy either and will happily thrive in all parts of your garden from sunny spots to deep shade and is very easy to grow – so good is it that the RHS has just awarded it and Award of Garden Merit.


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