Bamboo Control System – 4M roll


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Bamboos can sometimes have a thuggish repuation for aggressive underground root (rhizome) spreading, which can undermine surfaces. This rightly puts some people off growing some forms, but now with new bamboo Contreol barrier, this need not be a worry any more. Made from tough, yet flexible plastic, simply surround the area you wish to contain the bamboo roots in with our purpose built barrier membrane, and it will control the spread of bamboo rhizomes perfectly. If inserted at a slight angle, it will even enhance growth, as the new rhizome shoot in Spring is persuaded upwards, and not outwards. Directs bamboo growth into a specific area Enhamces bamboo growth by focussing it that area Controls by acting as a tough physical barrier to grwth outside that area Pefect for all spreading bamboos to protect driveway edges, fences, patios and from invasive spreading into neighbours areas. Easy to use at planting a new bamboo, or for encircling larger and established specimens to prevent further clump expansion. With a problem like this solved now anyone can grow all bamboos.


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