Arisaema speciosum 2 pack


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This really is quite a unique little plant for shady spots, and wooded areas under trees. It produces the most amazing and striking flowers, correctly called a ‘spathe’, being deep maroon coloured, striped with immaculate sharp pinstripes of white, giving a most exotic looking result. The corms themselves are not exactly a thing of beauty at planting, belying what will erupt from them. Plant them in well drained spots, perhaps adding gravel to the planting hole if needed, or growing in pots too. The shoots emerge from the end of the corms, and is a peculiar spotted mix of the maroon and white, which suddenly unfurls like a flag to produce big 3 pointed leaves, and the flower stalk that grows up through them. Often regarded as borderline hardy in Winter, if well-drained and mulched they should survive. A real novelty and great talking point.


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