Araucaria araucana (Monkey Puzzle tree) 1L pot 20cm tall


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Monkey Puzzle is one of the most iconic. yet majestic and easily recognised trees in the UK, yet not widely planted nopw. Many of the tallest of specmens are a hundred years or so old, yet without the foresight of previous gardeners, we would have few to wonder at today. A lovely and intriguing stately evergreen, with whorls of sharp leaves, they are very slow growing in their first few years, and take a while to get going. They are thus a very expensive plant to propagate and sell. Despite this slow speed, they are relatively easy of planted and left alone! They can reach and elegant 10M in 20-30 years or so, but can also be trimmed to lower than this. Select a spot where it can be seen from, as they are best grown as a lawn or boundary specimen tree, with plenty of space around them. A garden design classic – try one now, they make a great gift too.


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