Acer negundo Flamingo tree in 2L pot


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If you are looking for a distinctive and memorable small tree for your garden, then look no further than Acer ‘Flamingo’. This stunning selection of Box Elder was made because of the gorgeous pink tinged new growth that appears in Spring, which fades away to a lovely creamy white leaf margin, leaving a gorgeous soft and subtle variegation on the tree. In Autumn, it produces a glowing yellow display before the leaves fall. Fairly quick growing as a tree, it can reach 5M in 10 years or so, making it an ideal lawn specimen or feature tree for Spring, Summer and Autumn interest in smaller gardens. or it can be pruned each Spring and kept smaller to about 2.5M if space does not permit. It produces better pink colouration in Spring if it has been cut back hard. A great garden tree for creating shade, looking great all season when in leaf and for screening too.


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