12 Sunbrella Osteospermum Plug Plants


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If youre looking for something a little different this summer, then look no further than Osteospermum Sunbrella! Launched to great acclaim 2 seasons ago, the Sunbrella series offers new option for low maintenance baskets and planters in sunny spots. Sunbrella is the world’s first true cascading or trailing Osteospermum, or Cape Daisy, and this collection comes in a mix of four gorgeous, soft spring colours, which can be used to fill hanging baskets and window boxes. The soft colours all tone beautifully together, and they look fabulous when planted in groups. When planted in hanging baskets, they will interweave to create a stunning ‘ball’ of colour from May up until the first frosts. With their long flowering period, these gorgeous flowers will provide you with a waterfall of colour, and best of all they love the sun, and are extremely drought tolerant! Varieties in this set Include: Sunbrella Pink; Sunbrella White; Sunbrella Salmon and Sunbrella Orange


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